Her Mad Hatter by Marie Hall

Her Mad Hatter  - Marie Hall

Her Mad HatterHer Mad Hatter by Marie Hall
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An extremely engrossing and addicting read, this rendition of Alice in Wonderland can probably cause massive fandoms. Marie Hall makes her characters so real, you would seriously doubt if they really are in the real world or not. Having serious problems with mental stability, Mad Hatter is in his way to the point of no return, and only his Alice can save him. His Alice is a descendant of one of his past Alices who was better off as a very bad memory. Following the twists and turns of the multi-dimensional and multi-twisted plot, leaves the reader wanting to know and to read more. References to Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland movie adds to the quirkiness and humor of the book. As the first installment of the Kingdom series, this book whets the reader's appetite for more.

Flames: 4

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